Stone Work

We are not only proficient in the construction of these hardscape features but we bring a distinctive flare to each project. There is no need to take a cookie-cutter approach to a wall or flagstone patio when each site offers the chance to be inventive and creative with a solution.

We customize all of our masonry and paver projects so that each job is unique for each home and landscape. In addition to increasing your outdoor living space, stone patios will not only add beauty and texture to your home but can also increase the value of your home. The selection of stones, pavers and other materials that is available can provide you with beautiful designs that are long-lasting.

Masonry work can lay the foundation for excellence in the home landscape. It adds structure, distinction and direction to the plan. We offer a complete line of stonework including patios, walkways, steps and stone walls. B&B offers a full range of masonry and paving services to complement and enhance your landscape. Our experienced masons work with a wide variety of stone products that can meet your needs and wants!

If your property is lacking that certain element that would unify the landscape, you may be in need of quality hardscaping to enhance your outdoor living space.

One of the great parts about Atlanta and the surrounding area, is all the beautiful natural stones! We live in an area full of different types of stone that we can incorporate into your landscape to make it look more natural.  We can overlay your existing walls with these stones and match your yar.


One of our favorite types of projects is a great looking patio!  Patios create a place to relax outdoors and enjoy your beautiful property. Whatever the look that you want to create, we can make it happen with our flagstone patios, paver patios, brick patios, stone patios, or even concrete patio options.  

Retaining Walls

Do you have a steep slope that needs leveling, or want to enclose a garden? Then a retaining wall is what you need.  We can build walls out of many different materials, so it depends on what you like. We use heavy blocks, angled stones, offset cinder blocks, stacked stone,or wood. or reinforced concrete frame

Walkways and Paths

You don’t have to go far to have a nice nature stroll, because we can build a pathway right in your backyard.  You can choose a formal path offl stones to direct someone through your yard, or a natural dirt pathway through your gardens, mulch paths or anything in between.

Fire Pits

Every house could use a fire pit or outdoor fireplace!! There’s nothing better on a cool fall evening, than enjoying time with your family and friends siting around the fire! We can make that a possibility for you everyday of the year.